Ludum Dare #36 – D...

Update, September 2016: Check out the final result here! Time is ticking! So Ludum Dare have announced the theme as “Ancient Technology”. There is SO much to do here. This is a great theme with loads of potential, and it’s very easy to get carried away and bite off more than you can chew. We’ve seen […]

Ludum Dare #36

Update, September 2016: Check out the final result here! What better way to kick off Whitepot Studios than get stuck in to Ludum Dare #36 running from August 26th – August 29th 🙂 We’ve been voting all week and have a few preferred themes but we’ll see what we’re dealing with when the clock strikes […]

The Utah Teapot

So, if you know me and Adam, it’ll be pretty explanatory as to where the name “Whitepot” came from. Finally, some benefit to having Potts as a surname. Adam Whiteside + Vicky Potts = WhitePot. But what about the logo? No, I can assure you, it’s not a cheap cop-out using the first Google Images result […]

New Start

We’ve only actually gone and done it. We’ve set up Whitepot Studios! Things feel a bit more official once you get a domain name, don’t they? Just a first wee post to say hello, so keep an eye out for future updates from me (Vicky) and Adam.