Murder At Malone Manor

Murder At Malone Manor - Key Art showing Baron Malone's bust dripping in blood after being murdered

In Development

Murder At Malone Manor

Baron Malone has been murdered at one of his infamous dinner parties – and one of the guests did it!

Welcome to Malone Manor, where deception and deduction are afoot in our multiplayer murder mystery game ☠️

The guests (players) must search Baron Malone’s Manor for clues that will reveal the identity of the murderer – but beware, you never know who you can trust!

The killer walks amongst the guests, sowing deceit, hampering the investigation and trying to get away with murder!

Murder At Malone Manor makes use of mechanics that are common in many well-received board games, and combines:

  • the social deduction of Werewolf
  • the familiarity of Cluedo
  • and the bluffing of a Victorian Scooby Doo villain

… into an online multiplayer murder mystery game, with a traitor element!

Present as many clues as you can to draw conclusions – or mislead the others.


We’re targeting PC (Windows, Mac) and Console (TBC).


Online multiplayer, murder mystery, social deduction, bluffing, hidden object, strategy.


We’re targeting a late 2019/early 2020 timeframe.

Keep an eye on what other players are up to.

Play Modes

3 – 6 Players

Default game mode. A 3 – 5 minute round, where one player is the murderer, and the rest are innocent.

2 Players

Adds a butler NPC – who can either be the murderer or innocent. Players play as usual, but may find they are both innocent.


The player must correctly identify the murderer from a lineup of six NPCs, searching for clues and using solo action cards. 

Present clues that relate to different players at the dining table.

Planned Features


Designed to encourage emergent storytelling and gameplay, the highly social elements mean no two mysteries will ever be the same!


No impact on gameplay – just making your character look dashing! Includes costumes, emotes, name tags, and more.


Increasing detective level through playing provides special emblems and cosmetics.


Including new cosmetics, murder locations, clues, and seasonal visual updates.

Take and stash clues as the murderer to feign innocence.

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