We’re an award-winning studio making games with a team of kick-ass game development, software, and creative media specialists (with a wee bitta magic).

Founded in 2016, Whitepot Studios has been making and creating with a wee bitta magic – be it through creating games for our own IP portfolio, or through bespoke client work.

We are proud to be housed within Northern Ireland’s first creative industry specific co-working space, The Pixel Mill, where we are surrounded by and work with a wide range of lovely, talented people. With everyone currently working remotely, we’re still part of the lovely local game development family.

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Organisations who have supported us via office space, funding, hardware, accelerator programmes and other invaluable support.

Core Team

Adam Whiteside

Adam’s the chief maker & co-founder here at Whitepot. He’s responsible for making sure stuff can actually be played, and is fun – so if you find any bugs, blame him (and he’ll promptly blame Robbie).

When he’s not tinkering with the latest code and technology, you’ll find him painting armies of tiny plastic soldiers or complaining about whatever’s annoyed him that day.

Vicky Potts

Vicky Potts, also co-founder, is the ‘Pot’ in ‘Whitepot’. She has previous start-up experience and a software engineering background. Named MCV Women In Games Rising Star of The Year 2018 and is ILM Management & Leadership Certified.

When she’s not playing one game intensely for weeks at a time before never looking at it again, she can be found tweeting.

Matt McDyre

Donegal Artist/Animator who can be found working the art mines here at Whitepot Studios. He has a healthy love of coffee and Dreamworks’ 2017 animated classic Boss Baby.

Previously worked on TIGA Award winning titles, received Royal Television Society accolades for animation shorts, and showcased animation work at events such as the Dingle International Animation Festival.

Amy Seaman

A talented artist and illustrator who loves exploring characters and narrative in her artwork, and discovering new ways to implement and vary story structure.

Endlessly enthusiastic about dogs, plants, and Kermit the Frog gifs.

Robbie McKinney

A games development graduate who has worked on a variety of different game projects; including games for education, VR and AR games to aid in stroke rehabilitation, and indie titles. Some of his previous clients include Ulster University and Tech4Care.

He really loves Chelsea Football Club.

Awards and Accolades


  • NI Game Awards: Rising Star 2017, Community Award 2017, Studio Of The Year 2017 & 2018, and Most Anticipated 2019 (Murder At Malone Manor)
  • PGC GamesCom & PGC London: Big Indie PC Pitch


  • MCV Women In Games Awards: Rising Star 2018
  • Royal Television Society NI Awards: Animation Short 2018
  • NI Game Awards: Game Of The Year 2017 (Tubocity)
  • Global Game Jam Belfast: Selected Highlight 2017


  • NI Screen: Assembler Programme 2017/2018
  • NI Screen Assembler Showcase: BAFTA HQ London 2018

Community Discord

The Whitepot Studios Community Discord Server has an awesome moderator team of talented and enthusiastic individuals. This team has helped us tremendously in ensuring our server is a friendly, active, and welcoming place. Not only that, but they have also been busy sorting fun and fiddly behind-the-scenes things, like setting up bots and webhooks. This section is dedicated to our awesome mods, past and present.

Sketch avatar - for our verified Community Discord Server for game development - Moderator


Caolan McKendry avatar - for our verified Community Discord Server for game development - Moderator


Simon, DirectiveDev avatar - for our verified Community Discord Server for game development - Moderator


HulkaMatt avatar - for our verified Community Discord Server for game development - Moderator


News and Dev Blogs

Hot off the Whitepot Studios presses!

Whitepot Wednesday Blog April 2021

Whitepot Wednesday Blog April 2021

Hello there, back with another Whitepot Thursday (oops) blog post – and this month we’ve recorded a special podcast episode! Listen to our deep-dive into the concept and development of StarGazing, and let us know what you think of the format!

Whitepot Wednesday – Dec ’20

Whitepot Wednesday – Dec ’20

Hello there.

It’s the final Whitepot Wednesday of the year, WHOOP! We hope you are all doing well and enjoying some festive treats. Here at Whitepot, we’ve had a busy month making our festive stealth micro-game, Ho-Ho-Home Invasion which is available at this very moment.

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