Whitepot Studios

We make games.

Hello there!

We’re an award-winning studio making games with a wee bitta magic. We polish, port, revive, and resuscitate games too! Our speed-dial Unity paramedics can jump in at any stage from concept to launch.

Our Games

A snippet of our own IP across multiple platforms. Check out our full portfolio to see the whole range of client work & experimental jams.

Ho-Ho-Home Invasion

Can you deliver presents without getting caught? Check out our Santa stealth-em-up for PC and Tilt Five.

Tubocity - Get Your Ship Together - Addictive Endless Tunnel Tube Runner Arcade Game With Different Ships to Choose From


Get your ship together in our sci-fi themed arcade endless runner for iOS and Android.


Join dots to draw constellations in our mobile pattern puzzler that’s astronomically relaxing.

Client Work

You Can Hire Us

Client Work

We’ve created web-based educational math games with Legends Of Learning. Whitepot Studios can help make your next game!

Over eight million seconds of playtime and counting!

Skills & Services

  • We’re Unity Paramedics!
  • Our Unity Certified developers have software engineering experience with global teams 
  • Console porting experience, including PlayStation, XBox, and Nintendo Switch.
  • Familiar with BFI/Video Game Tax Relief requirements

Art & Design






Some of the lovely recognition Whitepot Studios has received across our studio and team.

Events & Conferences

Various places we’ve exhibited at or attended – virtually or physically!

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