Tubocity FAQ

Here are some common problems players have reported having with Tubocity – if any of the problems persist, please contact support [at] whitepotstudios.com.

Scores and Scoreboards

Why can’t I see any scoreboard entries? ?
Why can I see other Global and Friends scores, but not mine?
I got a new highscore, but my score in the scoreboards hasn’t updated ??
Why do the scoreboards just keep loading sometimes?
I’m logged into Facebook, but I still can’t see Facebook scores, or my own score in there!
Facebook Posting permissions?! What gives?

Controls and gameplay

I'm having trouble swiping and dragging - how can I change the sliding sensitivity?
I'm having issues jumping - how can I change the jump type?
I accidentally skipped the Tutorial - how do I enable it again?

Quality and frame rate

My frame rate is low ?
My frame rate is fine, but the game doesn’t look as good as it does in the screenshots/trailer, or on my friend’s device

Adverts & In-App Purchases

I removed ads, but they’re still showing up
Where is the Remove Ads button? I can't see it.
To what extent do you control the ads people see?


The Music is amazing where can I hear more? ?
I reinstalled Tubocity but now my high score is gone!