Ludum Dare #36 – Day Two

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Ludum Dare #36 – Day Two

posted on August 28, 2016

Update, September 2016: Check out the final result here!

Time is ticking! So Ludum Dare have announced the theme as “Ancient Technology”. There is SO much to do here. This is a great theme with loads of potential, and it’s very easy to get carried away and bite off more than you can chew.

We’ve seen some really cool, and varied, interpretations of ancient technology so far – get ready for more embedded tweets than a Buzzfeed article.

Or, even searching for ancient technology:

It’s a simple wave-after-wave concept set in a colosseum. We decided to tackle 3D as we noticed most of the game jams were 2D-based pixel platformers. And you know what? There’s a good reason for this. 3D stuff packed into a game jam isn’t easy, but it’s certainly fun.

It’s really cool to see some others have gone for the colosseum setting too. A word I still am unable to spell without Googling.

While Adam has been working on getting the models ready and the game mechanics, I’ve been working on learning how to texture 3D models for the first time. There was a great reaily available colosseum on the Unity Asset Store – but it was low-poly, and untextured.

Finally, after hours of working out how to use Blender and add UV maps to things, I had made us a textured colosseum!

So, enough procrastinating writing blog posts – let’s get stuck back in for Day 2. At least, we think it’s day two, our sleeping patterns are essentially inverted.

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