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Hello all! I hope you’re all excited for Global Gam Jam – it’s happening TOMORROW! Here’s a short, concise list of useful lists Global Game Jam resources I’ve put together for #GGJ17, to have everything in one place. These can be used as game jam resources for any game jam – not just #GGJ17.

Give me the game jam resources!

Keep an eye on the Unity twitter account too for any other useful assets they may share.

What is Global Game Jam?

You may have heard of other game jam events like Ludum Dare. The Global Gam Jam FAQ page states:

The GGJ brings together talented individuals from within your community. It is a unique opportunity for people to push their skills and challenge their way of working. Participants work concurrently with developers around the globe; we rally around a central theme, and then have 48 hours to create a game. It’s our hope that we will see some very experimental realized prototypes that you can continue to work on after the jam. Many games developed in previous Game Jams have become fully realized games. The GGJ is open source, hardware & software agnostic and all projects are protected under a Creative Commons license. We encourage people to try out new ideas and push themselves, within reason. We also strongly encourage participants to remember to eat and sleep, to stay at their best!

So what is Whitepot Studios doing?

Aside from procrastinating the night before the event creating lists of game jam resources, we will be taking part in the jam event at Farset Labs, a registered Global Game Jam site, in partnership with Northern Ireland Screen.

We’ve got our spots reserved on the official event page, and Adam and I will be working with Richard Gillen from Belfast company AppAttic. I’ll be using my MacBook Pro, and that will be a change because I normally do all my Windows development on a Windows PC, but I nabbed the following software resources from the recent Game Dev Humble Bundle and am looking forward to trying them out tomorrow:


Happy #NationalPopcornDay! Apologies for making a list of lists, and contributing yet another list… in the words of xkcd:

XKCD comic because i made a list of lists of lists of game jam resources

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