Games NI Interview and Update

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Games NI Interview and Update

posted on November 3, 2016

Hey everyone – a small update including what we’ve been up to recently and a link to our interview with Games NI 🙂

We’ve been busy working away on TubeInProgress, adding things like Facebook score integration, and native sharing to allow you to share scores and screenshots with your friends.

I’ve found a cool unity-native-sharing plug-in for it on GitHub by Chris Maire, which more or less works out of the box with just a few tweaks needed.

Once we have our framework in place for doing that with one app, we’ll be able to re-use it across many.

In the meantime, to keep you busy, you can read this blog post about our interview with Games NI.

What is Games NI?

Games NI is the association of Games Developers and Producers in Northern Ireland. They welcome members across all areas of game development, from artists and programmers to writers, designers and audio engineers.

Games NI Logo

You can read more about what Games NI do here, and check out our blog post about the recent NI Game Dev Network #PlayMyDemo event.

Thanks for reading – see you soon! 🙂

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