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Get Your Ship Together

Get your ship together – JUMP and SWIPE through our tube at the speed of light, zooming past obstacles and getting ever closer to the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Tubocity is a free mobile game for iOS and Android that really tests your reflexes – see how far along you can get, and maybe you’ll get the global highscore!

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Awesome music that builds up as you make it along the tube, composed by Avaren.

Apple Game Center, Google Play, and Facebook scoreboards – try and beat your friends!

Adjustable Controls
Easy touch controls which can be changed in settings to get the best game play experience.

Includes a short tutorial to help you get your ship together (ha).

Cool ship designs to choose from, designed by Brendan Gill.

Apple Game Center and Google Play Games achievements – can you get them all? Or even, like, one of them?


Having problems? Check out the FAQ page.

Download Tubocity on the App StoreDownload Tubocity on the Google Play Store

Development of Tubocity

“TubeInProgress” – The Tube that was a work in progress

We began chronicling our development of Tubocity when it was known as TubeInProgress. 🙂 Have a read below of some development notes from the vault.

What was the idea?

TubeInProgressIt is a mobile game made in Unity for iOS and Android. You are a small spaceship, zooming your way forward through an ominous tube – a tube filled with obstacles! This is a fast-paced, Unity-made game. We’ve undertaken paper prototyping for this and began implementing some basic mechanics, including the mobile touch controls and rocket movement, which you can check out in the tweets below.


Early 2017 Development Update

We’re nearing completion and can’t wait to get beta testers. If you are interested, please contact us.

The Beginning

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Tubocity FAQ

Date June 7, 2017
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