DIY Gamescom Kit 2020
No Gamescom? No problem. Check out our Stargazing-themed DIY Printable Pass & Sticker Kit to cheer you up.

DIY Gamescom Kit 2020

by | Aug 25, 2020 | Stargazing, Whitepot Studios | 0 comments

It’s a Whitepot blog – and not on a Whitepot Wednesday!? That’s because today is the FIRST DAY of #Gamescom2020 – Europe’s largest games trade fair. This year it’s completely digital, and we’re missing the Gamescom vibes, sooo…

We’ve prepared a #DIYGamescom Kit for you to print out your special Stargazing-themed VIP Pass, complete with your own stickers – which you’ll uncover in Stargazing as you discover more constellations!

Click here or on the image below to open a printable .png in a new tab, and be sure to get help from an adult when using scissors ?

Normally we’d be in Cologne right now (lost in the Koelnmesse and most likely late for a meeting) but of course, 2020 had other plans, so this year Gamescom is FULLY DIGITAL – but that doesn’t mean we can’t still be there in spirit! Share your creations using the hashtag #DIYGamescom!

See you next year, Cologne! While you’re here, be sure to follow @StargazingWP on Twitter for all the latest updates.


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