Global Game Jam Day One

Day One of Global Game Jam is now complete (well, at least in local time anyway). We had an awesome time today down at Farset Labs at Weaver’s Court. Adam was live tweeting the event: Opening presentation time #GGJ2017 #gamedev — Adam Whiteside (@adamside) January 20, 2017 We've now got the theme but as per […]

Global Gam Jam

Game jam resources; a li...

Hello all! I hope you’re all excited for Global Gam Jam – it’s happening TOMORROW! Here’s a short, concise list of useful lists Global Game Jam resources I’ve put together for #GGJ17, to have everything in one place. These can be used as game jam resources for any game jam – not just #GGJ17. Give me the game jam […]

GamesNI Logo

Games NI Interview and U...

Hey everyone – a small update including what we’ve been up to recently and a link to our interview with Games NI 🙂 We’ve been busy working away on TubeInProgress, adding things like Facebook score integration, and native sharing to allow you to share scores and screenshots with your friends. I’ve found a cool unity-native-sharing […]

Unity play tint header

Unity Tips – Play ...

The play mode tint is useful to know about. One of the things I noticed I was doing most often when developing using Unity is: put the game in play mode tweak something forget that those changes are not persisted when the game is out of play mode leave play mode be sad and confused ? […]