Cinester - key art image for our Global Game Jam 2018 entry about a 'sinister cinema'

Global Game Jam 2018 entry

The year is sometime definitely in the future, but as imagined by those in the 80’s. Rank and file citizens are attending their mandatory monthly information screening, although sometimes they get distracted.

Thanks for coming, so glad you could start your new job on such short notice! Although the cinema is dark, dreary, and a wee bit grim, can you keep an eye on each citizen to ensure they don’t get distracted?

After all, we need to ensure they are consuming all the information they are required to.  By law. You know how it is, right?

These monthly information ‘top-ups’, shall we say – are completely harmless. When citizens are fully topped-up, the friendly cinema claw will lift them from their seat. It’s extremely normal.

Just ensure that no more than three citizens become distracted enough to leave the screening, or there may be consequences. 

Or not! Haha. Just kidding. It’s not at all sinister, I promise. 

Gameplay Instructions

  • The aim of the game is to indoctrinate as many cinema goers as possible. Unfortunately, your propaganda movie is monotonesly dull. They are prone to boredom and would rather use their phones and look at the walls than your movie!
  • Swipe the phones our of their hands and shine a light in their eyes to maintain their attention at all times! If you succeed in indoctrinating them they will be helpfully whisked away by the Handi-Hook 9000.
  • If they lose all of their attention, they will get bored and walk out of the cinema (disappear in a puff of white particles)!
  • Lose three viewers and it’s game over!
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