Why Am I In The Past?

"Why am I in the past? Who cares! Shoot the Romans." (or WAIITPWCSTR for short).

Why Am I In The Past?

Blast through history!

Ancient vs. Technology comes to a head in “Why am I in the past? Who cares! Shoot the Romans.” (or WAIITPWCSTR for short).

You’re in the past for some reason. How long can you survive against hordes of aggressive ancient Romans?

Pick up your gun and blast your way through history in this endless wave survival first person shooter.

Yes – you read that correctly. We finished our Ludum Dare #36 game and the end result was WAIITPWCSTR. This Windows-based PC game was developed using Unity.

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Time Travel
Well, sort of. You’re in the past. And if you’re not down with that, we’ve got two words for you… who cares!
Wave After Wave
The enemies keep coming! How many waves can you get through?
Guns vs Swords
You have a gun. They have swords. Need we say anymore?
Ancient Setting
While we don’t know why you’re in the past, we do know that you’re in a badass colosseum filled with obstacles.

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