An endless cozy astrology themed dot-to-dot puzzler, with a quaint style, chill beats, and constellations to discover.


2021 Needs A Leo Queen

StarGazing by Whitepot Studios is an astronomically relaxing, beautiful, starry-eyed pattern-puzzler, available RIGHT NOW free-to-play on iOS and Android with 90 constellations for you to enjoy.

Stargazing is for puzzlers who enjoy solving challenges, chill seekers who enjoy zen experiences, and astro fanatics (of astrology and astronomy alike) who have an interest in the stars above.


  • Complete dot-to-dot constellations with the help of some hand-drawn hints 
  • Connect stars in the right order to unlock full constellations
  • Better your times as you become more familiar with each constellation and progress up the leaderboard
  • Unlock cute collectables and achievements along the way
  • Listen to some lo-fi beats as you do

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